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The Professional Studies are open to people over 18 years old. The training is intensive: Monday through Friday, four hours a day are dedicated to the learning the specialization of Jacques Lecoq. The learning process is based on the movement, the game and improvisation.



The program lasts 2 years. It has 2 different levels that join with progression. It foments the observation and documentation of the actor. With the freedom to imagine but always taking in count the technique and rigor needed.
Workshops are proposed every week which are done in small groups and are presented to the teaching team.
These workshops, strongly related with the classes, have a double objective: To apply the just learned techniques and to foment creativity.
br> The workshops are presented in public every trimester and professors and students contrast the learning pro-cess. br>


Estudis de teatre Losada 2018



  • 1st level

    Schedule: Monday to Friday from 15h – 19:25h
    - Body and vocal prep
    - Movement Analysis
    - Improvisation Techniques
    - Stage acrobacy
    - Creation Workshops
    - Everyday life
    - Neutral mask
    - Nature Dynamics
    - Elements, matter
    - Animals, typologies
    - Shapes and objects
    - Larvarian Masks
    - Expressive Masks
    - Character and drama
    - Music, painting, poetry
    - Research and creation
    - Document and staging

    Price: €4.200
    Tuition Fee: €80
    Reserve of PLAZA €600 (to deduct the total price of the course. It is an advanced payment of each quarter).

  • 2nd LEVEL

    Monday to Friday from 14h - 18.30h
    - Physical and Vocal training.
    - Applied techniques.
    - Training.
    - Interpretation.
    - Creation Workshops.
    - The jester, the narrator
    - Cinema, a language
    - Melodrama, the passions
    - Mime drama, the story
    - Commedia dell’Arte
    - Comédie humaine
    - Buffoons, the great parody
    - Tragedy, hero and choir
    - Circus Clown
    - Theatre clown
    - Dramatic Comedy
    - The actor, the author and the director
    - The personal project.

    Price: €4.200
    Tuition Fee: €80
    Reserve of PLAZA €600 (to deduct the total price of the course. It is an advanced payment of each quarter).



Required Documentation:
Currículum Vitae
CLetter of Motivation and presentation
Registration Form
Picture 32x26mm in color

Enrolling conditions:
The payment for the registration will not be returned if the student unenrolls unless there is a justified medical condition, in which case, it will be returned except for the part corresponding to the reserve of the trimester made.

For more information, you can contact us at 619 50 81 or by email to

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