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    Superior Formative Cycle Degree!
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Jacques Lecoq

An educator doesn´t say: “Do it like me, but do it like you”

Superior Formative Cycle Degreer

The professional studies are focused on those future actors that wish to begin, learn the techniques and to have the tools to get on the professional theaters´ stages. Recognized and approved degree by the Departament d’Ensenyament de la Generalitat de Catalunya.

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International Theater School

Berty Tovías educator of the International Theater School specialized in the actors and scene professionals´ formation. Bases his pedagogy on the french master Jacques Lecoq´s studies. It foments the observation and documentation having the technique and rigor present.

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Adults courses

If you want to be an actor or actress or you have thought that you may like to try, this course is to make your first approach to the acting basis at a conceptual level but most of it, a practical one. Acting training exercises from the Lecoq method and improvisations to discover the inner actor. From 18 years old.

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With a ribbon in front of us, we jump higher than if we would do it on the vacuum.

We are Lecoquians

The school

In our school we follow the Jacques Lecoq pedagogy under the master Berty Tovías baton. Eva Losada and Berty Tovías, join into one same school to offer the professional studies. We are the first International Theater School in Barcelona that combines the Superior Formative Cycle Degree recognized by the Barcelona´s Departament d’Ensenyament with the Lecoq specialized studies under the master Berty Tovías directions.

International theater school

theatre courses



Courses created for the youngsters that want to prepare in a semi-professional level. We look for the scenic arts discipline gets impregnated on the future actors and professionals.



Theatre courses are made as an educational tool, also as a way for children to play expressing their creativity.

We have a good time.

Senior School

Introductory course to Drama where the game is the way of acting learning. Basic training as a tool for expression and communication. Laughter and crying, dramatic attitudes and crazy characters.

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Lecoq pedagogy



The Company


The Company

Estudis Losada has an active theatre company. “La Medusa” has its own company formed by active professionals. We will give the possibility and/or include, any of the students who have acquired the necessary level to be part of a professional company. We make theatre and shows to go into stable program in Barcelona. ​

    Shows on stage:
  • 1, 2, 3 Noies
  • Pastís de Poma
  • La Trobada.


Room 1 and 2


Room 1 and 2 can be mixed or divided by a modules’ wall that makes it possible to obtain two large spaces for the classes. When they get mixed, the room becomes a perfect classroom for movement and theatre classes, performances, meetings, events...

Room 4

Dance and music

Room 4 is a smaller classroom than the others and has a piano and mirrors.
It is suitable for private or group singing classes, dancing and other disciplines. It is also used as a rehearsal room for small and reduced-format groups or scenarios.

Room 5


This classroom is a lovely space which has a balcony with an exit to Sants Street. Its versatility allows being able to work with various disciplines on it. It's on the second floor and this gives it an independence from the rest of the space.