Formation for professionals


Superior Formative Cycle Degree

We teach the Superior Formative Cycle Degree on Theater Acting Techniques and are certified by the Generalitat de Catalunya’s Departament d'Ensenyament. The Center´s tecnic of acting superior techniques’ title’s final goal is to prepare ACTORS and equip them with the necessary tools in order to know the profession and about it.


Professional modules


This title consists of a total of 2,000 hours of which 166h are an internship in THEATER companies.

Professional modules

The curriculum includes 10 professional modules with presential classes of interpretation, movement, diction, voice and singing techniques. The scenic practice constitutes the main objective of the acting formation with performances with public and internships with enterprises involved in the sector.

MP1Interpretation Techniques
MP2Movement Techniques
MP3 Voice and singing Techniques
MP4 Communicative Activities Training
MP5 Dynamization Activities
MP6 Scenic Practice
MP7 Training and Career Guidance
MP8 Integrated Project
MP9 Internship
MP10 Free Disposal

During both courses, the solid basis to get to be professional actors/actresses working

First Course

The foundations of the theatrical technique are established through acting training and promoting a disciplined approach to actors’ work. Students are introduced to these elementary principals by working on plays, improvisations, and constructing and developing characters. The method will allow each student to become his or her own actor and evolve their own tools. It's a course of self-discovery. Exhibition workshop of Improvisations.

Second year

The second course continues to expand the techniques and introduces scenes and text. Comprehension, text and subtext and the setting up. From the pre-stage process to the staging through the characters. Acting training of voice and body and technique of the second level actor. There will be a workshop for students to present their own creations and the knowledge they have attained over the duration of the course.

Third year

The third course consolidates everything that has been learned. The students’ technique will be fine-tuned to achieve a higher level in all acting disciplines. End of cycle workshop.

MORNINGS: : Taught for 3 years.
Timetable: 10am-2pm.
Annual Course Price: €3.840
Quarterly instalment payment €1,280 quarter. Check out other payment forms.


SUBJECTS: (Some may change)
Lecoq technique
“Dance Theatre”
Theatrical Dynamization/Animation
Legal regulations
Neutral Mask
Dramatized Reading
The actor and the camera
Monographic (manipulation of objects, clown, make-up)
Resume Material
Individual project
Interpretation of songs



We count with a professional faculty with experience years

  • Faculty SFCD

    Eva Losada, Marta Montiel, Elies Barberà, Montserrat Roig, Maria Casellas, Alfons Bermejo, Eudald Ferré, Àngel Amazares, Jordi Gràcia, AADPC, Berty Tovias, Àngel Bonora, Vanessa Segura, Enric Cambray, Esteve Rovira, Daniel Sesé, Montse Tolosa, Jordi Bertran, Pau Cirer, Claret Papiol

Others 5%



The application is divides into two calls on June and September.
Necessary material: comfortable clothe and the text that will be given at day of the application inscription.

Dates of the access calls to the Superior Degree Formative Cycle.


Jun 21st: morning and afternoon CALL.

Jun’s First call 2019- Jun 21st at 10h>
April 16th to Jun 5th: specific applying inscriptions
Jun 6th: provisional list of approved or denied applications
From Jun 7th to 8th:>
Jun 12nd: definitive list of approved or denied application
Jun 21st: morning and afternoon CALL
July 3th: provisional list of grades.
July 4th to 6th: consultations.
July 9th: definitive results
From July 9th to the 27th: Inscription

July 17th to September 7th: specific applying inscriptions.
September 5th: provisional list of approved or denied applications
Setember 6th to 7th: consultations.
September 7th: definitive list of approved or denied applications
TO DETERMINE: morning and afternoon CALL.
September 14th: provisional list of grades
September 17th to 19th: consultations
September 20th: definitive results
September 20th to 25th: Inscription
September 25th: Beginning of the year
Calls inscription
The inscription to the calls will be opened within a week before. Then consult the information telephone.

Required Documentation:
-Copy of an availed document that states having passed senior high school or similar
-1 Picture 32x26mm in color
-Copy of the national identity document (DNI), passport or foreign identity number (NIE) -Payment of the inscription fee.
For more information, call 619 50 81 71 or send an email to

evaluation criteria - rubrics.

The test considers:
Physical aptitudes as to:
Body Conscience
Placement in Space
Coordination and movements precision
Reaction to the instructions.
Vocal skills as to:
Proposed text’s articulation and pronunciation
Modulation, volume and voice tessiture
Comprehension and expression of the text´s intentions
Reaction to the proposed indications
In the music prove case, the interpretation of the sheet music with tuning, rhythm, diction and expressiveness.

Interpretive skills in terms of:
Expressiveness and coherence with the proposal.
Improvisation (in individual situations and/or group)
Dramatic game in group
The constructive and listening attitude in group
The reaction to the proposed indications.

Test characteristics
The objective of the prove is to recognize the aptitudes of the aspiring in order to access the teaching in theatrical performance techniques.
They are divided into two parts:
Individual exercise: The applicant must memorize a monologue that will be delivered the day of the inscription to the application, in order to be able to work with it on the prove.

Group Exercise: We will work physical and movement exercises in a group, voice exercises and improvisations proposed by the Evaluation Commission at the same time of the exercise.

General evaluation criteria:
Interpretation: 40% Final note
Voice. 30% Final Note
Body movement: 30% final note

Once the access test is completed, the student can enroll in the center